What Are Alumina Spheres Uses?

Alumina spheres may sound like a foreign object or word to most people. Though, for those in the business of making them or who need them, they fulfill a necessity in scientific processes.

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Alumina Spheres Uses

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You may see alumina spheres referred to as activated alumina balls. They have a wide range of applications because of their characteristics as both adsorbent and capability to act as a catalyst. Therefore, alumina spheres play a role as a selective adsorbent product that is capable of removing impurities from our drinking water.

They can work to actually make water safe from deadly additives, such as arsenic. It is capable of pulling fluoride from water as well. Why would you want to remove fluoride from water? Well, for one it’s hard to argue in favor of fluoride. After all, water spends barely a moment at the lips, just passing very quickly past the teeth. Researchers are finding more and more reasons to keep it out of the water supply.

In addition, alumina spheres are excellent at also providing another service. They are able to dry out liquids, gases, and even air. Specifically, it can be used for drying PET. In addition to drying PET, it is also capable of drying out polyester chips. Look to it in the manufacturing of something surprising and unexpected — hydrogen peroxide.

The uses of alumina spheres are many and significant to many processes that involve kicking off a new process, in manufacturing hydrogen peroxide, and even in drying out substances that include liquids, gases, and air. It’s used in water treatment to pull arsenic out of water. In addition, it also acts to extract fluoride out of water supplies as well. Where a town or city has decided to get rid of fluoride, this works. It is significant to anyone who needs it.

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