What Is Plastic Refractory For Boilers Used For?

Before we get into the heart of this article, let us first talk about what refractory is. In a few short words, refractory is a special type of paint that is applied to surfaces that come into contact with high temperatures. We are talking about metal casting surfaces, as well as boilers and other surfaces.

Plastic Refractory For Boilers
Plastic Refractory For Boilers

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There are many types of refractory material out there and while it’s easy enough to say that they are all alike and that you can use any type of refractory on any surface, the truth is that different types of coatings work best with different types of surface. For example, there are certain types of refractory coating that have better resistance to mechanical movements than others, and so they are best used in the boiler of ships.

For plastic-based refractory, though, the uses are more limited. Although industrial plastic material can withstand high temperatures, it’s not able to withstand strong mechanical movements.
In a boiler room situation, you will find that plastic refractory material is being used in lining boiler combustion chambers. Manufacturers are developing different plastic mixtures made of an aluminosilicate filler. It is an inorganic plasticizing component that has been added to with other components.

Aside from combustion chambers, plastic refractory is being used in studded water walls. What are water walls? They are basically decorative installation that you will find in shopping malls and other public areas. The water flows through a wall, cooling the people who are nearby.

Plastic-based refractory based in water walls are mixed with other materials like clay. Although they can withstand high temperatures, they tend to yield to strong mechanical movements. They are, however, highly resistant to corrosion, and have high-temperature strength.

If you have a need for plastic refractory, you can buy them online.

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