The Main Advantages of High Alumina Cement

High alumina cement is made from aluminum ore and limestone. It is created by undergoing a grinding process in grinding clinkers. It is altogether an inorganic substance.

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High Alumina Cement

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In order to qualify as true high alumina cement, the product in question must have a specific ratio between the alumina and lime contained within. The material is most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom where it is also called calcium aluminate cement.

It is used by civil engineers in designs for many types of buildings and in construction. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to this material. Here, the advantages of high alumina cement will be detailed.

One of the main advantages of this material is that it holds up to very high temperatures. This makes it ideal to be used in foundries or refractories. Any place where extreme heat is part of manufacturing would do well to be constructed with this material.

It sets within hours. At the outset, it takes three hours to begin setting as opposed to the time other materials take which, for PPC cement is considerably longer. The material completes the setting in five hours.

It can be used around and within cold temperatures, so it is pliable and versatile as well as quick-setting.

One of the best settings for it is within the chemical industry. It is resistant to acids so it is ideal for any factory or pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

The disadvantages are such that this is only a material that is not suited often to everyday construction. It does not make a good material for swimming pools, for instance. However, in most industries and construction settings, it is the preferred material because of its fast setting abilities, its strength and its resistance to heat and acids.

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