Different Fields Use Different Types Of Carbon Bricks

While it is safe to say that almost all industries use some kind of carbon based brick in their work, it is not safe to say that they are the same brick. Different industries will require a different formulation. Understanding which bricks are used in which industries can save time and money when it comes to outfitting a new business. Even single industries, such as refractory based industries, will often use several different types of carbon bricks.

Different Fields Use Different Types Of Carbon Bricks
Different Fields Use Different Types Of Carbon Bricks

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Chemical based industries will use carbon bricks that have a special membrane applied to them before they are put into use. This membrane protects the brick, bonding with it to ensure that nothing can get through. However, this does make them a bit thicker, and depending on the usage, the membrane may not react well when exposed to high heat. Others work extremely well in high heat and do not perform well in cold.

Refractory industries use carbon bricks, carbon containing basic bricks, and carbon containing non-basic bricks. All of these are used to create refractories, with each one serving a different purpose. It isn’t uncommon for all of these to be used on one project, ensuring that the entire heated unit is safe.

People working in an industry where alkali products are used are likely to use hot pressed bricks which incorporate things like silica to ensure that they are not penetrated by the chemicals.

People who are working only with high levels of heat, such as an incinerator, will instead use carbon bricks that have been baked after being poured, molded, or extruded. These can be re-baked multiple times to a temperature higher than their usage will demand. This will then temper them and make them even more resistant to cracking and breaking down over time.

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