Alumina Silica Fire Brick Uses And Applications

Many types of fire bricks are available from quality manufacturers. When shopping for the best for your industry, keep the application that they will be used for in mind.

Silica Bricks - Alumina Silica Fire Brick For Sale From RS Supplier
Silica Bricks – Alumina Silica Fire Brick

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Alumina or alumina-silica bricks are made with a blend of more alumina than traditional fire clay items are. This is what gives them added protection against high temperatures. They can also be called high alumina bricks but for this to be the case they have to contain lower amounts of clay or alumina-silica.

They are ideal for applications like glass melting tanks, fireplaces, kilns and furnaces. What makes them especially useful is that they can retain their heat for a longer period making them energy efficient when used in fireplaces and furnaces.

Many manufacturers make them out of at least 50 percent alumina. If a brick is sold with 40 percent that makes it closer to fire clay and may not be ideal for temperatures that go over 2500 degrees F. Because they are not porous the will expand in high temperatures. This is something to be aware of because they may not be the best choice for a primary brick.

They do make excellent backup or liner bricks. They are ideal for many industrial uses because they are highly resistant to acids. They have superior load bearing abilities and will keep from corroding when exposed to other elements.

When shopping for a brick make sure to read all the technical specifications and information. These are available in detail from manufacturer’s websites. Many quality manufacturers will also be able to answer questions online as well as allow you to purchase the items you need. It is convenient to be able to read about the products you need for your industrial applications and order them online.

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