What Are the Applications For Mullite Bricks?

In any type of construction, it is important to choose the materials carefully. That is especially true of those that are used for the actual construction of the project, because it will provide the strength and at times, even the curb appeal. One of those items are bricks, and they may be chosen for multiple reasons. In some cases, however, mullite bricks may be necessary, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Applications For Mullite Bricks
Applications For Mullite Bricks

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Millite bricks are produced by synthetically fusing sintered mullite or mullite and pressing them into a preselected form. At that point, they are fired at high temperature in a furnace. They are beneficial for many different reasons, including their resistance to sag, their heat strength, low porosity and high density.

One of the applications for mullite bricks is where there is a high temperature and a high load in the construction. For example, they may be used in a glass melter because of those properties. In fact, they are good with high temperature to the extent where they can even be used at the hot end of such a melter.

Along with being used in a glass melter, they may be used in a variety of other applications where there are high temperatures involved. Since they are able to handle that temperature and a significant amount of stress more than other, standard types of bricks, they can provide the ability for the high temperature to be achieved without sacrificing the structure.

Along with mullite bricks, there are also a variety of other types of bricks that may be used for similar purposes as well. It is best to check with a professional to see which is the best choice for you and the particular application where you plan on using them.

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