Why Use Acid Proof Bricks?

Acid Proof Bricks are mainly made of silicon dioxide and fired in the high temperature forming many of aluminum silicate that can resist acid slag erosion strongly. As acid proof bricks have dense structure and low water absorption, this kind of bricks also can resist any alkaline medium in the normal temperature, but cannot resist fusion alkali in the high temperature. Acid proof bricks contain over 70% silicon dioxide. They are widely used to build equipments that have many acid erosion situations.

Use Acid Proof Bricks
Use Acid Proof Bricks

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Description For Acid Proof Bricks

Acid proof bricks are manufacture with raw materials of quartz, feldspar and fireclay through oxygenolysis in the high temperature, which as a kind of erosion resistant refractory materials have strong acid and alkali erosion resistance. Acid proof bricks are not polluted easily.

How To Use Acid Proof Bricks?

Generally use epoxy resin and acid resistant cement to lay the acid proof bricks. Do the construction according to the manufacturer’s production description.
Use oxalic acid to clean the face of concrete to reach acid-base neutralization.
Use acid proof bricks in the industries. The break joint width shall be about 8~10mm. The break joint depth shall be on one level for preventing from leaking.
Use oxalic acid to wash the face after finishing the laying for more fastness.

Advantages Of Acid Proof Bricks

Acid proof bricks have much excellent performance on furnace equipments application, such as pressure resistance, erosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good water absorption and also can be clean easily.

In short, acid proof bricks are great refractory fire bricks for sale in RS Company. They have many great advantages and can be used for wide fields, such as industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical engineering and so on. When you pan a project like these industries, it is the best choice for you to use acid proof bricks. You can choose one professional refractory fire bricks manufacturer to buy the high quality and cheap acid proof bricks. One advice for you that RS Company is a professional refractory bricks supplier in China, who can provide you the best acid proof bricks. Plan to use? Click for more details.

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