3 Tips For Choosing Fire Bricks For Your Kiln

The first thing that you have to choose when you want to make a kiln is the type of a fire brick you will use. There are several types of fire bricks. However, there are some bricks that won’t last for a long time. Choosing a fire brick is challenging, especially if you are making a kiln for the first time. Choose fire bricks that will last for a long time.

Choosing Fire Bricks For Your Kiln From RS Company
Choosing Fire Bricks For Your Kiln

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Best Tips For Choosing Fire Bricks For Your Kiln

  1. Medium Duty Fire Brick
    This comprises of roughly 50% silica and 35% alumina. It heats quickly and it can withstand 900F. They are designed for rapid heat-up and cool down. They are more efficient at conducting heat. These fire bricks last longer because they can withstand thermal cycling.
  2. Edges
    Look for a fire brick that has straight edges. There are some bricks that are curved. If you use curved fire bricks, then it leads to gaps between the bricks. It is easy to use fire bricks that have straight edges.
  3. Hard Bricks
    Choose high heat duty fire bricks. They are mainly used for backup linings and used in areas, which encounter moderate operating temperatures. However, they are not good for abrasive conditions.
    There are also super duty fire bricks. They exhibit low shrinkage, high strengths and good resistance to thermal shocks. They are used as the inside lining of a kiln. They are good for blast furnace stoves, coke oven checkers, and glass tanks.

These are the tips for choosing a fire brick for your kiln. You do not have to choose fire bricks that will not last for a long time. If you cannot find the best fire bricks for your kiln, you can always talk to your friends or family members.

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